Adam Lambert Miss Simon Cowell on American Idol

Adam Lambert seems to miss Simon Cowell on American Idol. Recently, Simon announced that he was going to leave the singing contests for sure. On a chat in television Tuesday afternoon, he expressed his feeling about Simon leaving American Idol:

“The audience will definitely miss Simon,” he said. “The contestants will miss out on really honest criticism. Sometimes it can be a little personal, and I know other contestants took it to heart sometimes and got really stressed out about what he would say. [But] I think that that’s important to making you a better performer.”

Some says that the departure of Cowell will bring an empty space on the show, but don’t worry fans as Lambert says that the show will go on with or without Simon.

“Ultimately, after the first couple weeks of auditions, the audience tunes in every week for the contestants. [Audiences] grow fond of one or a couple of the people and they get behind them and they’re invested in them… we tune in to hear the contestants blossom or not.”

Surely a lot of people will miss Simon as well, but when seeing on the bright side, the contestants will focus more on the singing and not the judge. As a result, the winner will get better than before, hopefully.

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