Alice In Wonderland Movie Review And Trailer

Visual effect of this film is very interesting, even a very interesting story that almost ruined the classic Lewis Carroll to be like Lord of the Rings. It has been 13 years since Alice (Wasikowska) visit Wonderland world, although he had believed that it was only a dream. When she fell into the rabbit hole again, she does not remember anything, but they remember her. As usual, she was involved again with the fantasy world of adventure that involves a lot of fun. There, she was assisted by Hatter (Depp), a smiling cat, caterpillar blue (Rickman), the twins fat (Lucas) and of course the white rabbit (Sheen). Depp fans would have been treated after wanting to see this return as quirky actor who appeared in Pirates of Caribbean.

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Posted by on March 8, 2010

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