Alyssa Milano Expecting Baby Son

Alyssa Milano expecting baby son. The actress made a surprise when she appeared at the New York premiere ‘Limitless’. She refused to name her unborn baby son before the boy was born because she wants to see what he looks like. Although Alyssa Milano pregnant news is a good news, the 38-year-old celebrity said that she had some ideas of baby names, but she wanted to make sure that the name fits the baby well. Who is Alyssa Milano pregnant by? Of course she is expecting a first baby from her husband David Bugliari this year of 2011. We don’t know for sure about the pregnant due date, but seems soon enough as the belly button is getting bigger. She gave a statement on the pregnancy due date, which is going to be in the beginning of the fall.

She told People that she already had three boys’ names in mind. She carefully picked them out and not telling any people because of many stories heard that the baby didn’t look like the name at all. So she waited until she sees the child before naming him. But she made some clue by giving a surname on the baby name.

‘We’ll go with a slightly Italian name, so that it goes with Bugliari,’ she explained. ‘So it’s not, like, Scott Bugliari.’

Looks like the Charmed star would pay tribute to her husband’s Italian roots and not having typical American name. She also shared some pregnancy experience, stated that she’s been craving broccoli and she is enjoying carrying her baby.

She looks lovely and still beautiful with her unborn baby. See Alyssa Milano pregnant photos just below.

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