Alyssa Milano Wedding Dress Photos by Vera Wang

Alyssa Milano wedding dress photos are gorgeous. Well, the wedding dress designer was Vera Wang. Her dressing style is often called “a modern, sophisticated approach to classic style”. No doubt Alyssa Milano looks very pretty in her wedding dress with an intricately beaded waistline and burned top. How much is it? Many people knew that Vera wang Luxe Collection starts at $6,000. Some unique dresses cost $12,000 and higher. Cheaper Vera Wang dresses can be bought from $2,000 to $7,000. No wonder her wedding dress is quite a masterpiece because of the well known maker of designer wedding dresses.

Alyssa Milano is stunning in her brunette color of her hair and deep brown eyes. The white gown express her joy and also exude glamor. Not to mention she’s like a goddess wearing those highly expensive dress. She looks very pretty in almost any hairstyle!

Surely what makes her wedding dress was very popular because of the modern flair and adding some of more traditional style of wedding dresses, a unique characteristic of Vera Wang. Celebration afterparty at the Hudson Hotel, which attended by Richie Sambora was very loud. You might as well get the idea of placing your wedding on a mountain top or by the ocean or an exotic island. That wedding is what people called “destination” wedding.

Did you know that Vera Wang dresses can be bought via online shop and auction sites such as eBay? If you are planning your wedding now, you might want to check her collection as well and be beautiful as Alyssa Milano.

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