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Amanda Tannen is one of the Stellastarr (styled as Stellastarr*) personnel, an alternative American indie rock band based in the New York City. She’s the only women in the group, with the sexy voice and bass guitar sweeten up every performance they’re making.

FYI, Stellastarr has moved from RCA to their own Bloated Wife label after RCA merge with Sony. Hey, they’ve been around since 2000 in case you didn’t notice. Watch out their Myspace page for upcoming shows. They have a large fan since they used MySpace to promote their own shows. According to Tannen:

“This is weird, but I’m also really flattered by it. We got a letter once from this couple that had met at one of our shows, and they ended up getting married. We got an e-mail the other day saying that they had named their first child Stellastarr.”

Anyway, enjoy Amanda Tannen pics below. Girl bassist sure is hot.

Gallery Amanda Tannen - Amanda Tanen Hot

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