Amy Adams as Lois Lane in Latest Superman

Amy Adams as Lois Lane in the latest Superman film is hot on the news. The beautiful actress has been praised by Margot Kidder, the former Lois Lane when she was interviewed by MTV. The 62-year-old woman who played the role with Christopher Reeves’ is happy to have Adams taking her part.

“She’s a brilliant, wonderful actress! She’s incredible. She’s an extraordinarily accomplished young lady – and gorgeous and full of energy and spirit”

“She’s so different from part to part, it’s going to be really interesting to see what she does with Lois,”

Kidder also praise that Adams is much better actress.

“I think Amy Adams is so much better an actress than I am that I wouldn’t even for a second presume to give her any advice on the subject at all.”

Amy Adams will play the act as the reporter in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman, taking Kate Bosworth part on the Superman Returns movie. Another praise also come from Zack Snyder who said that Amy Adams will bring credibility to the world of his Superman.

Snyder told DS,

“The awesome thing about Amy is that she has incredible chops. She can be tough but she also has this kindness – there’s that wonder that she still has.

“I think that both those things are going to be in play in the film. We’re just looking to make a more real world and I just think that Amy is able to bring us a level of credibility to that world.”

Strangely, stated that Amy Adams is not actually Lois Lane in the latest Superman, but just a cover up story for another actress to play the role as Lois Lane. It is still a surprise, but Amy Adams still in the picture but not as Lois Lane. A source from Warner Brothers saying,

“Amy Adam’s is in the picture but she is not playing the Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane, she is in fact playing Clark’s other love, Lana Lang from the DC comic book”.

“Who is actually going to play Lois is none other than Michelle Monaghan (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), who yesterday was at the screening of her new film Source Code at the Crosby Street Hotel in New York. She hasn’t even been allowed to tell even her family and friends as its that hush hush”.

So, do you think Amy Adams is a perfect role as Lois Lane, or Michelle Monaghan?

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