Angel Lelga Biography

Name : Lely Anggraeni
Sex : Female
Religion : Moslem
Date of birth : Solo, 01 January 1981

Angel Lelga is an indonesian singer and actress, but she is  more popular because of her love scandal. She was born as Lely Anggraini, but she has a famous name: Angel Lelga. Angel started to become known to public because of jewelry theft. But, the case was not proven true.

In 2005, Angel Elga was married with King of Dangdut, Roma Irama. They met when were together in a drama TV shooting, IBNU SABIL. But, they was separated in August 2005. In the beginning of 2007,  Angel was made a fifth wife of the coal businessman in Martapura, South of Kalimantan, Abdul Rahman Widi or better known by the name of Aman Jagau, is also another dangdut singer husband’s, Cucu Cahyati.

In 2008, Angel changed her image as a dangdut singer by releasing the first album with a title PERTAMA which has a pop hit song titled the same as the title of her album, pertama. And not only the style of the new album, she also changed her name to Angeliq.

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