Autopsy of Jasmine Fiore

Jasmine Fiore could not be identified by fingerprints and shape of teeth, so the authorities should identify the remains of this model by using the serial number of breast operations.

“Because the victim’s fingers and cut all his teeth also uprooted, the autopsy the body must find other ways to identify victims,” the spokesman said the High Prosecutor’s office in Orange County, Farrah Emami, as quoted from
“They can do this by using the serial number in breast implants. We believe the suspect had cut the victim’s fingers and pulled out the victim’s teeth to make the authorities to identify Ms. Fiore,” he added.

Meanwhile, the suspect mentioned by Emami is a reality TV show contestant, Ryan Jenkins. Jenkins himself is believed to flee to Canada after killing ex-wife 28-year-old. Not only that, he also put the body into a suitcase Fiore and left it in the trash at the Buena Park.

Where the hotel manager was last seen Fiore said on E! News if the couple had seemed perfectly normal when they do check-in.

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