Bitty Schram as Sharona on Monk

Bitty Schram is back to play her role as Sharona Flemin on Monk, which become the hit US TV Show.

She said that she had been working with a psychotherapist to prepare herself for the big role. She had many sessions with psychologist and learnt many lesson from reading material. Other material that also helped her to understand her role is by seeing many videos of people who were suffering from OCD. She personally think that we can turn our weakness into strength. Some people can do it themselves, but many need a psychoterapists.

After joining for years, Bitty admitted that she loves her character and also respect her work with her co-star Tony.

The Monk series is going to finish in this December and the whole cast have prepared for it. They are happy because the work is going to complete, but also sad because they are already like a big family on scene. They are going to miss each other.

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