Bukan Cinta Biasa The Movie

Bukan Cinta Biasa The Movie is a Indonesian romantic comedy movie that was released on 7 May 2009. This film with the screen play is very fun and entertaining. Flavored by background ambience and pop music of Indonesia, this film will make the audiences heart sing, but at the same time can also shed tears.

Stars in this film are a new artist Olivia Jensen Lubis, Ferdy ‘Element’ Taher, Wulan Guritno, Rocky, and others. Also appear in the film, young famous singer Afgan Syah Reza. Be under guard by triplet (director; Benni Setiawan, producers; Herman Harson and Naldy vows), Bukan Cinta Biasa as a film that feels light. However, even with a light dressing scenes-scenes canda laughter and comedy, this film has the value “more” to try to keep the weight-moral side, that is the reality of life that teenagers rebel and honest, but still need the love of the parents. So also with the parents, a bad-conduct them, serasa difficult not to feel for her son with a vengeance.

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