Caster Semenya Photos: Male or Female?

Caster Semenya photos are very popular, just because there is some doubt about whether she’s male or female. The winner of the women’s 800-meter race at the world championship, a South African teenager has been on intensive tests of gender-verification. She must be examined by, among others, a gynecologist, psychologist and endocrinologist.

There are two simple test that ensure that she’s not female, like the sight test. This more like, “she looks funny, let’s test her” methodology. And now the winner have to deal with sex change gossip?

Another tell signs is, the 18 year old Semenya has a deep voice and muscle that is not usually found in female athletes. They are much larger and more ripped than any of her competitors. You can tell, whether she’s truly a female or not, by looking at Caster Semenya photos just below.

Gallery Caster Semenya Photos: Male or Female? - Caster Semenya Sexy

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Posted by on August 21, 2009

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