Charlotte Ayanna – The Insatiable

Charlotte Ayanna played as the sexy vampiress Tatiana in the horror-made-for-DVD movie The Insatiable in 2006. The former Miss Teen USA 1993 met Sean Patrick Flanery in this classic vampire movie. Unlike Twilight movie which revolves around high school and hero type of guy, The Insatiable is much more mature, a different kind of vampire film. It focus on blood hunt and seductively feral nature.

Her performance as the vampiress Tatiana was wonderful, with careful balance between her predatory seductiveness and innocent sweetness. Anyway, don’t expect to see a lot of gore or bloodshed because the movie is more like a dark comedy than horror flick. The Insatiable is quite fun to watch. It’s very different than any typical Hollywood vampire you might have watched before. If you’ve got bored with Twilight, this one might take that away. For your curiosity, below are Charlotte Ayanna pictures in the film. Enjoy.

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