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Chris Brown pic which leaked through the net, showing his full-frontal naked photos was recognized by him. It seems the picture didn’t bother him at all, he even said that he’s comfortable with his body. On a morning show via MTV News, the controversy arised and Chris had to say something about it. He said that there’s nothing to say, but he confirmed that the photo was sent to a girl. Chris Brown leaked pictures was shot out of shower when he was alone.

On another occasion, at WPGC 95.5 this morning he also spoke about his F.A.M.E album and the question arose. He defended that the photo was not leaked by him,

“That wasn’t me, honestly. I wouldn’t want people to see my junk. [Laughs] At least wait until after the album comes out so it doesn’t look like a gimmick.“

Chris Brown found out about his photos when he was playing a video game and looking at Twitter.

“It’s whatever man. I’m comfortable with my body, I don’t care about all of that.”

Seems like Twitter is good for celebrities, not only to keep up with friends, sharing your opinions to the world, or sending your message to your loved ones and absolutely crucial for getting in touch for gossip and rumors spreading throughout the internet. Internet is faster than other media, so this is a good thing. But Twitter is not always celebrities fan, because the full-frontal nude photos was also found in this micro-blogging site. Privacy is something that celebrities hardly get nowadays. Lucky for the rest of us, who doesn’t get chased by paparazzi and all.

Well, check out Chris Brown pic below and tell me what you think.

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