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Chris Henry funeral was held today before a memorial service in Westwego, La where Loleini Tonga, Henry’s fiancee and their 3 children attended the service. Henry died on Thursday, Dec 17 from head injuries on the car accident where he fell from the back of a pickup truck being driven by Tonga following a domestic dispute. Charlotte Police released the 911 calls made Wednesday during domestic dispute (after the fall) that eventually led to the death of Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry.

Apparently, the car accident was made after a verbal argument with his fiancee. The 911 first call told about a female driving behind a pickup, where Henry was shirtless and banging on the window. The caller described Henry as “crazy,” and followed the F-150 for a short period of time before the car made a turn.

The second caller came from a male, who called the Police after finding Henry dead body laying on the side of the road.

The entire Bengals organization, along with Commissioner Roger Goodell and other NFL players, traveled to Lousiana Tuesday to attend Chris Henry’s funeral.

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