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Christine Collins biography is a character based on a real women. Based on Wikipedia, the film that was created in 2008, Changeling is based on the event related to the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders (also known as Wineville Chicken Murders) – a series of kidnappings and murders of young boys occuring in LA and California in 1928. Christine was the mother of one of the young boys that had been kidnapped. Here’s a short autobiography of Christine Collins and her son life, Water Collins.

Based on real history, Christine worked as a phone operator supervisor who found out that her son was missing once she got home. Chris then searched for her son first before calling the cops. But then she called the police right away because she was so worried. The police told her to wait for 24 hours before starting to search for him.

After 24 hours, the police finally took the details of Collins’ son and began a search for him. Appearantly, his name was Walter Collins, a nine-year-old boy who was missing in Mt. Washington, Los Angeles on March 10,1928.

It was long before she finally reunited with her son. Christine Collins was reunited with her son after 5 months by the train station, but then dissapointed because the boy was not her son. She tried to tell the police but she was judged to be an unresponsible mother. She hadn’t given up to get the evidence that the boy was not her son, unfortunately, police sent him to a mental institution under the designation code 12.

She also refused to give in to signing a form stating that:

“She certifies that she is wrong about saying that the boy returned to her by the police is not her son, it further stipulates that the police were right to send her to the mental institution and absolves them of all responsibility.”

She is released later on, and then took legal action against the system. Fortunately, she won the case and all women held under designation code 12 in mental institutions are released.

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