Collin Farrell: No Regrets on Wild Child Days

Collin Farrell has no regrets on wild child days. The Irish actor claims that he haven’t touched drugs for three years and alcohol for nearly two years said that his life is a great one and not a sad story.

“The ins and outs of what I’ve been through, even when it comes to rehab, is not a sad story.

“None of it is a sad story. I had a great time and some amazing memories and lots of good stuff that I’ve forgotten.”

The actor who recently plays on Ondine movie admits that his “sad story” was part of his journey to fame, from a part on a BBC drama to Hollywood movies, that became hits such as Tigerland, Daredevil, Miami Vice, Minority Report, Phone Booth, Alexander, In Bruges, and S.W.A.T..

“I went from being in ‘Ballykissangel’ to starring opposite Bruce Willis in ‘Hart’s War’ in the space of two years.

“I was a big fan of ‘Moonlighting’ and ‘Die Hard’ so to find yourself in that situation was very surreal. It was made, and it defied any contemplation.

“And I wasn’t at the stage where I wanted to contemplate it. Instead I consciously remained very unconscious within the whole thing. I just enjoyed it as it came.”

Good to go Collin Farrell, never regret your life as the outcome now is good than ever.

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