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Dancing With The Stars winner is Donny Osmond. Not very surprising though, since the last ultimate dance which was held on Tuesday evening – a two-hour results show resulted two of the strong contestants, Donny and Mya. Donny outperformed Mya on the stage and be the winner. Unfortunately, Kelly Osbourne was the first one knocked out the competition and couldn’t continue the show, although being the audience favorite. Her score were a little below competitions. After the show, I would strongly believe that she will get bright future ahead since she had so many fans out there to made her stay during the TV show.

Donny was considered to be cheesy and being the ultimate performer during the season, while Mya was rated higher and being the more talented dancer of the two but didn’t impress during the show.

During the Dancing With the Stars last dance finale on Season 9, Whitney Houston sang a few songs, Cloris Leachman returned, Michael Irvin challenged Jerry Rice, and of course there was plenty of filler talking about how hard the celebrities worked.

After the winning announcement, Donny ran to the crowd, grabbed his wife and carried her onto the floor.

“Yeah!” he said, finally holding the mirror ball trophy high above his head.

Mya came in second. She said,

“I’m so happy to have made it to the finals. … We had the time of our lives!”

In third place: Kelly Osbourne.

“It’s been the most beautiful amazing experience. … Thank you, America. … It’s because of you that I’ve grown so much.”

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