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Artist nameDerby Romero
Name : Martua Romero Derby Nainggolan
Sex : Male
Religion : Christian
Date of Birth : Jakarta, 8 Juni 1990
Hobbies : Otomotif, basketball, skateboarding
School : Unika Atmajaya Jkt – fakultas Hukum
Favorite book: Comics
Favorite Movies : Petualangan sherina, Janus Prajurit Terakhir, 28 Weeks later, 300, HEROESseries, GODFATHER
Favorite Music : ROCK (Azzidodabass, Limp Bizkit, Spiller, Shaggy) DANCE EASY LISTENING
Favorite TV Show : MTV PIMP MY RIDE

Derby Romero was made more popular by his single hit “Gelora Asmara”. With this song, Derby Romero has became a new idol.This clears his way to become what he always dream about, to become a professional singer.

Before singing, he was popular because of his appearance on FTV, and his movie, Petualangan Sherina and Janus Prajurit Terakhir. He also play acting in the soap opera, Kepompong and was a presenter in Fantasiana (Trans TV) / 2002. This is a short biography of Derby Romero for you. Please enjoy Derby Romero Pictures below.

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