Derby Romero Girl Friend

Name : Inggrid Maria Pangalila
Artist name : Inggrid Pangalila
Sex : Female
Place of birth : Surabaya
Date of birth : 10 May 1989

Inggrid Pangalila is big sister of Randy Pangalila, pop singer and young actor. Although Inggrid start her career more early, but Randy Pangalila is more famous. Inggrid become derby girlfriend since 2 years ago, even she was 1 year old.

Inggrid start her modelling career on Surabaya. Then, she moved to follow Randi to work in Jakarta and play acting on FTV, soup opera and movie. You can she her appearance on Bilang cinta aja kok repot, Jantung hati, cahaya-cahaya cintamu and her new movie, Kutunggu Jandamu.

All about Derby Romero and Inggrid Pangalila :

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