Dewi Persik and Her Boyfriend, Aldiansyah Taher

Hmmmh, everyone know who’s dewi persik. Yup, sexy dangdut singer with her popular shake, Queen of Saw. Her career is popular because of her sexy clothes and her love story. She always fall in love not so soon after breaking up with her boyfriends. After she separated from her husband, Saipul Jamil (dangdut singer too), no one knows who her boyfriend was. But, after a year, she found a bestfriend, not a boyfriend, Aldiansyah Taher (Aldi).

With Aldi, Dewi Persik create a pop song and make a new sensation. But, not for long, in October, Dewi Persik introduce her boyfriend to the public, Ferry Farid Yusuf Mansur, a muallaf from Netherlands. She said that she would married in Desember. But, again and again, her love story ended without a wedding. On the new year, Dewi introduced someone in the past, Aldiansyah Taher. She introduced him as a lover not a boyfriend again.

These are some pictures between Dewi Persik with her boyfriend Aldiansyah Taher for you. Please enjoy Dewi Persik with Aldiansyah Taher Pictures.

Gallery Dewi Persik and Her Boyfriend, Aldiansyah Taher - Bf Dewi Persik

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Posted by on January 19, 2009

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