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Drew Thomas Magic on America’s Got Talent last night performing a magic trick soon loved by the judges. For your information, Drew Thomas is an illusionist that has been famous around the world and perfomed in over 5000 live shows. The trick on AGT involves putting three women in a crate, fooling us into thinking they are going to be in a crate on stage right, then actually having the three male warehouse workers turn out to be the women and the warehouse workers are in the crate and he suddenly appears behind the judges.

The trick was really well done and the judges love it. The only criticism is to change his look because he look funny in a dress shirt and jeans. Hoff says that he doesn’t want the crate shipped to him because Drew turned the women into men. Right.

Unfortunately, he didn’t got through. In the other hand, Manuela Horn, sadly got through.

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Posted by on August 5, 2009

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