Dwi Putrantiwi on a Set

As a model, actress and celebrity, Dwi Putrantiwi is known as a host on an auto show, made her debut career on a movie TALI POCONG PERAWAN. Like Dewi Persik, who likes to expose her body to public, Dwi Putrantiwi also keep a distance not far from Dewi Persik. This beautiful girl who born on 10 March 1983 did a shocking nude bath shower act, only her front side was covered. Not her back…

A movie star, a cigarette star, big breasts, sexy body and…well you know, just see all of Dwi Putrantiwi pictures on this website. This time Dwi Putrantiwi was caught on a TV set. Do you see what I see? Oh yeah, one word: big. Just click on each Dwi Putrantiwi gallery to see them.

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Gallery Dwi Putrantiwi on a Set - Dwi Putrantiwi

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Posted by on February 13, 2009

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