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Elizabeth Olsen was born on February 16, 1989. Lizzie is the younger sister of the Full House twin cast member, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Looks like she has been busy playing in movies unlike her sisters. Although she has not been in a movie as a main character, but she has already played in several movies as cameo since 1993, when she’s got her first movie entitled “Our First Video” at the age of four. She also has been in “The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley” and this year she even has two movies in “Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding” as Zoe and “The Silent House” as Sarah.

Looks like she got her movie talent from her ability performed in theaters, proved by the movie “Silent House” where she stars as a girl who believes her summer home is haunted, was shot in just one take.

“When I was auditioning, I was like, ‘Just so you know I’m used to the medium of theater, so like I can stand on my feet for this long,’” she said.

Unlike her twin sisters who left NYU and not came back, Elizabeth as a diploma. She recently graduated from Tisch School of the Arts. And now we have one more talented celebrity in the house. You can find and follow Elizabeth Olsen Twitter in http://twitter.com/Olsen_Elizabeth. Don’t know if it’s the official account or not, but it already has 700+ followers. Enjoy Elizabeth Olsen pictures just below.

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