Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Breakup?

It’s been many days since I dream about celebrity. I don’t know why but Emma Stone suddenly popped up in my dream last night.

Apparently Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are couples. But recently, they are reported to be going to separated because of a third party in question on “La La Land” star Ryan Gosling. However, even media mentioned that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have been together, they never publicly confessed that it was true.

As Vanity Fair commented, this was true that they went on the first Spider-Man movie paired together and because of that all media suddenly announced that they were together as boyfriend and girlfriend, but they never announced publicly about their relationship.

Recently, the Birdman actress and Ryan Gosling have been reported to be flirting each other on “La La Land”. Eva Mendes worried about this kind of thing, so breakup between Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield is inevitable.

It won’t matter if Ryan tells Eva that they are just friends as they know there’s love in the air. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have been together since “Gangster Squad” and “Crazy, Stupid Love”
If the tabloids and media continue to spread the news about their relationship, so be it. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s breakup will not be in the way.

Emma Stone in interview with WSJ, she said that she would keep her personal life just for herself and would not announce anything about her private life, especially love life and sex life.

“I never talk about this stuff for this exact reason-because it’s all so speculative and baseless,” she said about her relationship with Andrew Garfield.

Emma Stone said that once you’ve responded to the news, the media would push for Emma to tell the story behind it, thus revealing all stories that supposed to be hidden from public attention. Well Emma, that’s celebrity life. If you can’t handle it, better to leave the media to decide what’s best on the news.

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