Eva Amurri Stripper Pics on Californication

Eva Amurri, Susan Sarandon’s daughter is set to act opposite David Duchovny in the “Californication”. She played as a guest role who act as a stripper. There are some quite hot preview pics on Eva Amurri which show her topless and exposing her behind.

Eva Maria Livia Amurri was born on March 15, 1985. Amurri’s parents are Franco Amurri, a director, and Susan Sarandon, an actress. Eva Amurri’s paternal grandfather was Antonio Amurri, a TV writer. Amurri’s aunt is Valentina Amurri, also a TV writer. Eva Amurri is a graduate from Brown University, 2007.

In the show, Eva Amurri cast as Jackie, a student who take a job as a stripper to earn a living. Jackie will dance topless in the movie, where the two of them, Jackie and David Duchovny’s character have a spark.

Gallery Eva Amurri Stripper Pics on Californication - Eva Maria Livia Amurri

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Posted by on December 24, 2009

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