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Fred Rouse will make an appearance on the “Outside the Lines” show. The show itself and presents hot-button issues facing the NCAA. Rouse, 24 years old, was dismissed from the Florida State Football program for partaking in “”conduct detrimental to the welfare of the football team” back in 2006. He was with the UTEP Miners before transferring to Concordia College in Alabama.

Rob told ESPN that he thinks some players are lazy and look for someone else to do their school work.

“I think it’s bull—-,” says Rouse, who started as a freshman in 2006. “You [as a high school athlete] have all of this time to prepare [academically] before you get to this level, and then when you get here, you play this punk role as, you know, ‘I have a learning disability,’ when that’s not the case.

This Sunday, Dec. 13, the series looks at Florida State University, where 61 athletes allegedly were involved in an academic-fraud scandal that included, in some cases, access to test answers and tutors who edited and typed papers. The NCAA ruled Florida State guilty of major violations, announcing it would reduce scholarships in football and other sports, and force Bobby Bowden’s team to vacate as many as 14 victories from 2006 and 2007.

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