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Geisy Arruda photo wearing bright-pink miniskirt and heavy make-up on. She is a 20-year-old Brazilian tourism student which causes 700 students ready to insult her and even attack her.

The incident occured on October 22, in a well-known Universidade Bandeirantes – Bandeirantes University in São Bernardo do Campo, Great-Metropolitan Area of São Paulo, and one of the wealthiest municipalities in the state.

She was forced to put some pants on and hide her legs by her classmate, Kelly Andrezzi and a group of 20 girls. But that is not all, as the boys are trying to get into the bathroom to put cell phones between Geisy’s leg, fight with the girls who tried to protect Geisy.

The rage increased and Dr. Rubens, Managing development Professor at Universidade Bandeirantes, rescued her and lock her up inside another room. He begged Geisy to put on a teacher’s gown.

Students are also trying to climb the walls to peep at the girl. The police had finally arrived and let Geisy left the room in tears, while students continue to chant: “Puta” (Whore).” Some students took pictures and a videos like this were posted on YouTube

On Sunday, November 8, the university decided to expel Geisy Arruda from the school via a public note published as an ad in São Paulo daily newspapers.

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