Gertrude Baines Dies in LA at 115

Gertrude Baines, the world’s oldest person dies in LA at 115. Luckily, Hollywood is not just for the young, this has been proved by Ms. Baines that grew up and died in Los Angeles. She died this morning at an undisclosed hospital, said her doctor, Dr. Charles Witt. Doctors said the cause of her death was probably a heart attack but there is going to be an autopsy to find out the exact cause. Scientists have studied Gertrude for her longevity – and she was even the topic of an L.A. Times article last year.

She was born in 1894 in Shellman, Georgia. The oldest person is currently a 114 year-old living in Japan. Rest in peace, Ms. Gertrude Baines.

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Posted by on September 12, 2009

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