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Gia Marie Carangi pictures can be seen below. She was a supermodel in the late 20th century who was popular back then in Europe.

Gia Carangi was born on January 29, 1960 and she died in November 18, 1986 because of AIDS. In her short life of 26 years, Gia has been on top of her career as a supermodel.

Gia started her career as a model at the age of 18. Her life was very typical of a supermodel that was found by a photographer. When Gia Carangi was just 18 years old, she was found by a photographer at the local disco who asked her for photos. And just like gifted models, she started dancing fast with her open hair going everywhere and her arms stretched in the air. The photographer took her photographs and later published them in a very well-known magazine.

Her very first important modeling assignment was when she was working with Gianni Versace at the age of 18. People looked at Gia and found that she was very different from other supermodels of that time, with blue eyes and blonde hair.

A pity, because as a supermodel, Gia Marie Carangi was no exception. Gia was having a supermodel downfall when she started shooting in drugs after the death of her surrogate mother and agent, Wilhelmina Cooper. I guess it’s the way she relief from the stress which was getting around her and hurt like hell.

After that, the supermodel Gia got addicted to drugs badly and eventually lost her sensual body and attractive looks. She was a victim of AIDS as she was rapped on few occasions.

Gia Carangi funeral took lace at her small home with a little gathering of her friends and family at Sunset Memorial Park in Feasterville, PA. Rest in peace, Gia Marie Carangi.

Enjoy Gia Marie Carangi pictures below.

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