Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery (Again?!)

Heidi Montag plastic surgery again?! This time, Life & Style Weekly cover claims that she “plans to risk her life again with another surgery.” Spencer Pratt on the magazine says that she wants to make her breast larger, from 700cc’s to 800 cc’s.

The surgery would took place next two months where she will be featured on a film for a new show. Spencer had tried to do all his best to keep her away from plastic surgery. But that is not an easy task.

“I try to stop her,”

“She wants her doctor to come over once a week to plump up her lips. I keep telling her that they’re big enough.”

Apparently, the intention to have another surgery is based on off-the-cuff remark by Ryan Seacrest, when she entered the studio. Ryan told her that her breasts didn’t look that big.

She was shocked. Hey, that’s big enough already. Is is now become clear that Heidi Montag addicted to plastic surgery.

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Posted by on May 6, 2010

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