Ines Sainz Back Covering NFL at the Super Bowl

Ines Sainz happy to be back covering NFL at the Super Bowl. The sexiest reporter in Mexico who had controversy the last September with New York Jets was happy to be back covering Super Bowl XLV Media Day Tuesday.

“This is a day when we in the media can share a really good time with the players in a very relaxed environment,”

Last September, she got an incident which later makwhile interviewing New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. But she admitted that she already got over it.

“It’s behind me,”
“I always think that it’s overreaction what happened with the Jets because I was there, and I didn’t hear anything offensive,”

Sainz covering on the NFL went well and have interviewed Troy Polamalu, Hines Ward and the coach. When she interviewed wide receiver Chad Ochocinco and asked whether he wanted to change his name back to the original Chad Johnson, he replied:

“I don’t know,”
“It depends on the people that support me in Mexico. So what I’d like TV Azteca to do is take a poll. If the people of Mexico and the Latin community want me to keep it, I think maybe I’ll keep it.”

So there you go, the sexy babe is going to cover the NFL again. Good for TV viewers, especially Ines Sainz fans out there who want to see her again in NFL games. Download Ines Sainz pictures below on gallery.

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