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Ines Sainz is a sports journalist with a pretty sexy body and beautiful face. This might become the new standard in a sports journalist, such as Erin Andrews who recently became a celebrity in a TV and dance contest. From the last news, she got a pretty situation where she got harassed by members of New York Jets inside the locker room after the game. Surely women don’t dress like Ines Sainz, who by the way is hot, to get the attention on men. Women reporters in men locker rooms should not be permitted, but because men reporters are allowed in the locker room is the reason why she wanted to go to just because she has the right to get the same story as men reporters. Sainz, who is a former Miss Universe contestant admitted that she had received an apology from Johnson. So this ends the controversy hanging around the gender.

Ines Sainz dressing style shouldn’t be followed, especially in the U.S. Surely she got a boost to her profile with those tight jeans and white blouse that shows the cleavage. As you might know, Latin culture generally is more open than any culture. Especially in entertainment world, it becomes a common sexual stereotypes. Sainz got a law degree from Universidad del Valle de Mexico and masters in tax law from Universidad Autnoma de Quertaro. She is pretty, and got brain too.

Beside doing the serious reporter work she prepared 3 hours for every game, she is a great swimmer, soccer player, basketball, tennis and volleyball player. That explains the tight body she has. She might have preference in sports that require the least amount of clothing. So, enjoy Ines Sainz picture gallery below.

Gallery Ines Sainz Picture Gallery - Ines Sainz Picture Gallery

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