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Isabelle Fuhrman was born on February 25, 1997 so that would make her age 14 this year. She was born in Washington DC and raised in Atlanta. She is defintely one of the young talented actress made to the bigger screen and made Orphan successful. She was discovered by DiCaprio on audition. Fuhrman is in the 8th grade in a private school in Southern California. If you are wondering about her bio, just check out wikipedia. Although she is very pretty, Isabelle Fuhrman boyfriend hasn’t shown. Maybe she doesn’t have one yet because she is still to young to date a guy. If you are searching to get her status update whether on twitter, facebook, or myspace, you can check her out at:

Isabelle Fuhrman Facebook at, Twitter at, and myspace at

Check out Isabelle Fuhrman pictures below. One of them is wallpaper so it might load a while before you can download and save it to your computer. Enjoy.

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