Jasmine Fiore Death Photos

Jasmine Fiore death photos are all over the web because of the curiosity it brings. When TMZ posted a photo which was allegedly the dead body of model Jamine Fiore, which was grainy and impossible to make out. Jasmine, the former Las Vegas model was found naked and stuffed into a suitcase in a Buena Park, CA, dumpster on August 15.

At that time, the body was not identified yet since no identification exists. Her teeth and fingers had been removed and only the serial number on her breast implants was the lead. The police are currently looking for Ryan Jenkins, Fiore’s husband and former reality TV contestant. Jenkins dissappeared shortly after reporting his wife missing. News reports that Jenkins had been caught at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, but the report was false alarm. He just looked like Jenkins, but somebody else. Police is now on a hunt and news reports that Jenkins is in Canada, somewhere north of the 49th.

Gallery Jasmine Fiore Death Photos - Jasmine Fiore Autopsy

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