Jennifer Jones, The Oscar Winner Dies at 90

Jennifer Jones, the Oscar Winner who took home five Oscar nominations and winning one for her role in “The Song of Bernadette” dies at 90, according to her publicist. There are no reports on what the cause of death.

Leslie Denk, spokeswoman for the Norton Simon Museum, says Jones died Thursday at her home in Malibu. Her only son, Robert Walker, was at her side.

Leslie Denk also said that Ms. Jones died of natural causes. Her life would be much like in a cinema, with ups and downs over time. She was known for her emotional instability, a second marriage to the producer of “Gone with the Wind”, the suicide of their daughter, and then married to another man, Mr. Simon.

Ms. Jones appeared shy and rarely gave interviews to reporters. She explained why in one interviews she gave in 1957,

“Most interviewers probe and pry into your personal life, and I just don’t like it,” she said. “I respect everyone’s right to privacy, and I feel mine should be respected, too.”

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