Jennifer Mueller

Assistant Professor of Management

PhD, Brandeis University, 2002

Research Areas
Interpersonal relationships in organizations; creativity and innovation; team dynamics; emotions at work

Recent Consulting
Change management consulting experience specializing in family business and innovative business contexts. Clients range from fortune 500 companies to small family owned businesses.

Current Projects
Some of the questions I am currently examining in my research are: Do big or small groups perform better and why? (e.g. problems with coordination, motivation, or relationships). How do employee relationships influence the selection of creative ideas in innovative contexts? What is the relationship between positive mood and creativity in organizations? When does conflict among team members harm or help performance? How does emotional intelligence influence positive negotiation outcomes? When do envious employees harm others – and how?

Academic Positions Held
Wharton: 2005-present. Previous appointments: New York University; Yale University

Representative Publications
(with T.M. Amabile, S. Barsade, B. Staw)
“Affect and Creativity: A Daily Longitudinal Test.” Administrative Science Quarterly (forthcoming).

(with T. M. Amabile, C. Patterson, T. Wojcik, P. Odomirok, M. Marsh, and S. Kramer)
“Academic-practitioner collaboration in management research: A model and a case study.” Academy of Management Journal 44, 418-431 (2001).

(with J.R. Curhan)
“Emotional Intelligence and Counterpart Affect Induction.” Revise & Resubmit at Journal of Applied Psychology.

“Why Individuals in Larger Teams Perform Worse.” Revise & Resubmit at Academy of Management Journal.

(with Y. Cohen-Charash)
“Does Fairness Mitigate the Negative Influence of Envy on Counterproductive Work Behavior?” Submitted to Journal of Applied Psychology.

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