Jessica Simpson Slept With Sammy

Jessica Simpson slept with Sammy! She’d rather spent the night with Sammy rather than John Mayer, Tony Romo, or Colt Brennan? No, Sammy is not a guy. It was a dog. Looks like the singer is now happy to Tweet about animals, not since her dog, Daisy missing.

“Sammy and I are falling asleep”
“Sweet snuggle companion.”

She also posted her picture and the little dog snuggling in bed. Last September, Daisy – Simpson’s maltipoo was snatched by a coyote, but it was never found. Apparently, Sammy is not her new pet.

“Thx so much Jeannia and Evan for letting me have her for the night :)

Daisy was still the only one for her.

“Sammy isn’t my new pup. I borrowed her for the night from my friends :)

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