Jordan Lloyd Pics – Big Brother 11 Winner

Jordan Lloyd won Big Brother 11. Pics and news are right here. She won $500,000 grand prize on the show. The 22-year-old waitress from Matthews, N.C. received five votes from the show’s seven-member jury.

Jordan Lloyd, who was romantically linked to charming 31-year-old advertising salesman Jeff Schroeder defeated all 12 contestants in the last round of a three-part Head of Household competition.

“It was my fault,” Campbell lamented. “I should have won the last competition.”

Hear what Lloyd do with the money,

“Put a down payment on a house for me, my mom and my brother,” she said.

Jordan Lloyd, apparently has good body as you can see just right below. So much for the waiter, I guess she’s quitting the day job for fun.

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