Justin Bieber Breaks Neck?

Justin Bieber breaks neck? This rumor broke up Tuesday morning, 15th June when the famous pop star broke his neck in a car accident. This rumor apparently is not true, because Justin is doing his stuff as usual after the news. It wasn’t very clear who made up this sick rumor about celebrity car accident and injury, but some source also mentioned that this news also covered by CNN on a blog post about accident. As you might already know, Bieber is a pop star from Canada who gained popularity over the internet and became a hit among youngsters. He got into Twitter’s Trending Topics which made him most talked across the internet several times. There are many rumor about Bieber, such as Tattoo or girlfriend, but car crash? This should made a huge impact.

The story spreading quickly on the internet said that Justin bieber broke his neck today but not dead. Although we don’t know for sure, Bieber has been in the news lately after the rumor circulated. This might means he is not dead. It is said that Bieber broke his neck in a traffic accident where he was being a passanger. If Justin Bieber did break his neck, surely there is going to be a lot of media who want to cover this story, like when Michael Jackson actually dies.

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