Justin Bieber People Magazine Cover

Justin Bieber is on the latest issue of People magazine cover. But unlike other stars, he was apparently not pleased when he saw the picture and tweeted to express his thoughts.

“Dear @peoplemag Covershoot…next time i laugh real crazy warn me u r still taking pics. still appreciate u but let’s get on the same page” and “EXCLUSIVE story and pics in the new issue of @peoplemag. I look crazy as heck on the cover but if u cant laugh at yourself u aint havin fun.”

The first tweet apparently has been deleted as the page goes to page not found error. How about the photo he was talking about? He was very happy with his eyes wide open and big grinning.

In the issue, Bieber talks about his rise to fame, what he called a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and he was having a blast.

“I still feel regular. You know, sometimes it’s weird that I go places and I have thousands of people waiting for me, but I always think, ‘I’m Justin.’?”

Although he is a big star now and heard girls screaming everywhere he goes, he admitted dating is not on his list because of he is busy with a lot of traveling.

Justin Bieber is going to appear on “Saturday Night Live” this week as musical guest.

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Posted by on April 11, 2010

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