Justin Bieber Wax Figure

Justin Bieber wax figure is now can be found in London, Amsterdam and New York. Justin Bieber, the phenomenal singer gets his wax figure exactly the same as the real version, including the famous haircut who is now become popular among teenagers. Well, he’s not the first celebrity to get waxed.

Justin Bieber wax figure is a great thing if you would like to have a picture with him but couldn’t get one because he’s so untouchable. The wax statue is at London’s Madame Tussauds wax museum, so be sure to visit it when you have time.

Justin Bieber tweeted, “TWINS! lol,”

The only difference between the two is the hair cut. Justin Bieber haircut 2011 is more fresh, with the old windswept locks cut off. The wax, unfortunately might be made before he had his hair the cut.

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