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Karenina Sunny Halim is a Miss Indonesian 2009. She was choseen on June 02, 2009. She was the only finalist who said all questions to the jury of Miss Indonesian to use the English language. She was a representative of the Jakarta and beat the representative of Bali and West Sulawesi. :)

Profil Karenina Sunny Halim :

  • Full Name : Kerenina Sunny Halim
  • Date of Birth :  June 13, 1986
  • School : Home Schooling Christian Vocational Academy
  • Job : Guru SMP di Jakarta
  • Blood : Montana Amerika
  • Diploma Degree : Public Relations, Sales and Marketing, Primary Teeching, Economics, Performing Arts dan Music and Arts.

Some Fact About Miss Indonesia 2009 Karenina Sunny Halim :

  • Karenina Sunny Halim mother is a woman who came from Montana United States.
  • Karenina familiarly called Nina.
  • Karenina has a quite high of a social life.
  • Karenina never took down a teacher for children of tsunami victims in Aceh.
  • In addition, Nina has a principle of the happiness of others above personal happiness.
  • Karenina Sunny Halim is the younger brother of Steve Emmanuel or more famous with Moslem name, Yusuf Iman.

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