Katrina Lee Before And After Photos

You can see Katrina Lee before and after photos. She had laser surgery on her face, liposuction, dental work and hired a personal trainer to lose two stone to make it past the initial auditions this summer. She was told by Simon Cowell that he wished he could put her voice ‘in someone else’s body’ five years ago. I guess that makes she going for the surgery and all.

Katrina also revealed that she battled with an eating disorder between her first and second audition for the X Factor. She also dyed her hair bright red for the audition. Katrina Lee sang Nothing Compares 2 U which passed her into the audition.

‘I came face-to -face with Simon Cowell and told him that his comments had nearly wrecked my life. He told me, “That’s not a nice thing I said”.

Hope this move will bring Katrina Lee into the bigger step in her career.

Gallery Katrina Lee Before And After Photos - Katreena Lee Bio

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