Keira Knightley Worst Bridesmaid in the World

Keira Knightley was the “worst bridesmaid in the world” at her brother’s wedding. The British actress took about the role at her 32-year-old sibling Caleb’s wedding to Kerry Nixon in Scotland last month, and although she actually is usually very careful when jane is wearing great clothes, Keira clumsily spilled food on her behalf bridesmaid’s dress and accidentally ripped it.

“It was a great dress and i also had a great night,” she said.

In other related news, it seems actress Keira Knightley has had an interest in the 2012 Republican presidential election.

Ms. Knightley, who had previously been on Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show” Monday night, offered her take on former Pennsylvania U.S. Senator Rick Santorum’s Google problem, telling Mr. Stewart that she had taken his advice and Google Mr. Santorum’s name,

“I just Googled Santorum. “The Daily Show” host noted audience members should Google the background in the potential Republican presidential candidates, taking time to single out Mr. Santorum.

While waiting backstage show up on “The Daily Show” yesterday evening, actress Keira Knightley’s curiosity was piqued after Jon Stewart instructed those viewers not-in-the-know to Google “Santorum.”

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