Keith Duffy and Boyzone Release Album In Tribute To Gately

Keith Duffy and with other member of Boyzone has released an album in tribute to Gately, who has died last year. This album is their sixth album. The year before his death, Stephen Gately recorded the opening line to Boyzone new album, Brother: “I will learn to live before I die” The album is already no 1 on the British albums chart. This concludes that many loyal fans are waiting for their next new songs and albums.

The group, now a four-piece after the loss of Gately in October, is going to see how the response came from fans before making plans about the future. This is confirmed by Ronan Keating. The group is now consist of Ronan Keating, Mikey Graham, Shane Lynch and Keith Duffy.

“We’ll see what happens, see how we feel on the road out there without him,” Keating says.

“It’s hard, we don’t know what it’s going to be like to perform until we perform.

“We’ve never performed as a four-piece, we still haven’t yet. We’ve been in the studio but that’s a little easier to deal with. Actually going out on stage as a four-piece will be very strange.”

Gately’s death is “the hardest thing I’ve ever known”, Keating says.

“He was amazing, an amazing character. It just feels like that light’s gone out now and the world is not as bright a place as it used to be for all of us.”

Go to the store and grab Brother, it’s out now.

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