Kiki Amalia Biography

Name : Kiki Amalia
Nick name : Kiki
Sex : Female
Religion : Moslem
Date Of Birth : November 26, 1981
Place Of Birth : Jakarta
Sign : Sagittarius

Kiki was born on November 26, 1981, in Jakarta. She was made more famous with her title in Beauty contest on Femina‘s Magazine. You can see her appearance  on soap opera like Legenda Misteri, Wewe Gombel, Bule Betawi, Jodoh Apa Bodoh, Anak Ajaib, Hidayah, and Rahasia Ilahi.

Kiki Amalia began her career on Cover Girl Contest in 1995, she also once became a model on FHM magazine with sexy bikinis. Sex bomb has finally given by her fans after her vulgar and sexy poses appeared on the Internet. But recently Kiki Amalia is trying to change her image by wearing jilbab.

Hengky Kurniawan, her boyfriend was married in 2008, but since Kiki Amalia had broken with Hengky, she never had another man on her life. Here are some sexy photos of Kiki Amalia for you.

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