Mandy Moore as Rapunzel Princess in Tangled

Tangled is a new Disney story which focused on Rapunzel, a story we all know well and enjoy to watch. The story focused on Rapunzel (voiced by Mandy Moore) who has magical golden hair that can cure sick people and also replenish old people back to young again. She was kidnapped by Gothel (Donna Murphy), an evil character who raises Rapunzel and keep her locked up in a tall tower. Rapunzel finally found out the evil mother plan and tries to escape and feel the outside world when she was going to have her 18th birthday.

Rapunzel story is very predictable because it is a well known story, mainly for children and end with the classical happily ever after. Tangled ensures you with enjoyable watching experience, including princess, songs, and lessons for you and your children. Moreover, it’s fun to watch a happy ending movie.

The CG animation is a combination between classic hand-drawn technique and also computer models. Moreover, it has Disney touch in it so it must be detailed and good to watch. The film is also available in Blu-ray with great special effects and sound.

Well unlike Scary Movie 2 Cast, Rapunzel casts just give their voices to Tangled characters instead of showing up their acting ability.Mandy Moore, the main character on the movie is going to have another production of movie called Falling Slowly. This is a supernatural thriller movie with Mandy Moore and Rodrigo Santoro as the cast. The movie tells a story of a couple whose apartment is haunted by a supernatural being. For Many Moore fans, just check out your calendar and be sure to watch Tangled and Falling Slowly movie.

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