Manuela Horn – America’s Got Talent Top 40

Manuela Horn is on America’s Got Talent Top 40! Manuela Horn is a comedienne, actress, presenter, and a model. Similar to other cast member of Saturday Night Live, she has many persona. She was very popular because of the yodeling dominatrix. But because of this, her presence in the Top 40 is considered an insult, because there is little she can do to convince America that she actually can do more than just that. In addition, there is no secret that the judges were completely irresponsible with their picks for the Top 40 this year, especially on picking Manuela Horn, because they decided to pass through without second performance.

If she was going to change her character, that would be too little too late. Remain as the yodeling dominatrix, would be murder her chance. Why not? Because that would made her hard time of following into the next round and or following AGT ever. Well, good luck for Manuela Horn on America’s Got Talent. You might get into the Top 20.

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