Mary Kate-Ashley Olsen Pictures as Children

Mary Kate-Ashley Olsen pictures as children are adorable. They were very popular as Michelle Tanner on Full House TV series in 1987. Ashley Olsen and Mary Kate began starring Full House in the age of nine months! Many people do not know that they switched place every now when taping the show in order to comply with child labor laws regarding child actors. These twins, although very similar in appearance, got a different attitude. Ashley Olsen has soft look and she was very sympathetic to others, but because of her emotional urges, she sometimes let her emotions took control.

Not as a children, but as an adult, Ashley Olsen has appeared in several magazines, such as VMAN magazine summer issue, where she got a dark brown wig instead of her original blond hair. Amazingly, she tells the magazine that she is a hippie girl and want to get a fashion career in the future and not acting. The twins already have a clothing line, which Ashley told to NY Mag that sunglasses and bags will be the next target.

Because of their popularity in TV as children, they became hit and their names can be found in many products like clothes, books, fragrances, magazines, movies and also posters. They even have their own musical detective videos, “The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley”

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