Maudy Mikha Tambayong Biography

If you are a fan of “Kepompong” drama tv, you must’ve known Maudy Mikha Tambayong. Mikha Tambayong played  tasya in the drama.  Maudy Tambayong is a newcomer to the entertainment compared to her colleagues Derby Romero and Aryani Fitriana yang sudah terjun terlebih dahulu ke dunia entertainment.

Maudy Mikha Tambayong Biography:

Full Name : Mikha Tambayong
Nick Name : Mikha
Date of Birth : Jakarta, September 15 1994
Religion : Christian
Hobby : listening music, watching movies, facebook, eating, sleeping, jokes, new friends, chocolate, ice cream
Favorite music : easy-listening songs

Here are some Mikha Tambayong pictures for you, enjoy .^_^.

Gallery Maudy Mikha Tambayong Biography - Mikha Tambayong

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